7 Top Places to Visit in Mangalore

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Pilikula Nisargadhama - Mangaluru Taxi

Pilikula Nisargadhama

For an exciting expedition and experience in Mangalore, head straight to Pilikula Park and Golf Course. Sprawled across a massive green expa…

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Someshwar Temple And Beach - Mangaluru Taxi

Someshwar Temple And Beach

Beside the point where the Netravati river meets the Arabian sea is a beach in pristine condition hiding from tourists called, The Someshwar…

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Kadri Manjunath Temple - Mangaluru Taxi

Kadri Manjunath Temple

Kadri Manjunath is the oldest temple in the city that was actually built in the 10th century; consisting of one of the traditional statues o…

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Mangaladevi Temple - Mangaluru Taxi

Mangaladevi Temple

Mangaladevi Temple is the most famous temple of Mangalore,dedicated to Hindu god Shakti. The temple have been been built by Lord Parashurama…

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St. Mary’s Island - Mangaluru Taxi

St. Mary’s Island

St. Mary's Islands, also known as Coconut Island and Thonsepar, are a set of four small islands in the Arabian Sea off the coast of Mal…

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Tannirbhavi Beach - Mangaluru Taxi

Tannirbhavi Beach

The perfect paradise for a serene and peaceful getaway near Mangalore, the gorgeous Tannirbhavi Beach offers sheer bliss to visitors mainly …

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Mangalore Port - Mangaluru Taxi

Mangalore Port

This is the 7th largest port in India, so many products are imported and exported. Some of the products which are exported include cashew, t…

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